Indoor Location Technology

Mapix has several technologies for accuracy navigating in centimeters, easy scalability without building additional infrastructure, and provides white labels on API

Fifth wheel


A movement sensor that tracks movement and can navigate indoors, which allows you to accurately determine the coordinates of the user’s movement and create the perimeter of the room with accuracy in centimeters.



Magnetic fields are a unique set of data that allows you to create a room map with different frequencies along the perimeter of an object. This technology also makes it possible to get the path of movement of the user inside the premises.

Cloud Manager


Remote access through the object management cabinet allows you to easily update, and make changes to the navigation system at once on all groceries stores. It also allows you to easily and quickly download data for each of the stores with visualization in graphs.

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Use Cases

Picking process in Grocery stores
Omni-channel for customers in grocery stores